This is the website for Nurse First Community Interest Company.

Nurse First is a programme for health and social care professionals who want to create positive change for people and communities.

It is an intensive 21-day residential programme that runs over a year and includes learning sets and coaching support. It works by:

  • creating innovative solutions to clinical challenges
  • accessing the funding needed to make these solutions happen
  • implementing the solutions inside the organisation

As part of the programme,participants are challenged to design, raise funding for, and deliver a real-world project to improve health outcomes in their local area. This is an ambitious goal to put development coaching into practice.

We produced a two year report  alongside our partners Johnson & Johnson, The QNI and Bucks New University, to evaluate the pilots as we moved into our third year of the programme and you can view it here.(12Mb pdf). Alongside information on the programme it contains valuable insights into innovation within the public and private sector from our survey which we conducted earlier in the year. 

The first cohort of Nurse First participants brought in an average of £16,000 each of funding for their projects. The Business Plans demonstrated cash-releasing savings of an average of £1.2 million each.

Nurse First provides an extremely effective way for an organisation to:

  • generate “invest to save” business models
  • increase their organisational capacity for innovation
  • engage front-line clinicians in innovation
  • improve the care they deliver

To book places on the programme for your staff, call 0845 123 7592 or email

We are currently recruiting for the May 2014 cohort and future cohorts in 2014.

If you would like to apply for the programme, please visit our application page

There are a limited number of fully-funded bursary places on the Nurse First programme starting in May 2014.

These bursary places are entirely free to the participants and the oragnisation only has to release the staff for 21 days and fund their travel costs to Cambridge.

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